Lyrebird Health / Public Guide

How to use Macros?

Create a macro

  1. Head to the “preferences” tab, then click on macros on the left-hand menu
  2. Click on “Create macro”
  3. Consult Image
  4. Name your Macro, for example “Normal Check Exam”
  5. Enter the text you want in the “Macro” section to be inserted in your documents when using that macro
  6. Consult Image
  7. Click “Create new phrase” to save it

Edit the Macro

  1. In the macros, click on the macro you want to edit
  2. Edit the name or macro content
  3. Click “Save”

Use a macro

  1. Macros can be used in dictate, consult, and history
  2. Type a forward slash “/” then begin to type out the name of your macro, for example to use a "Total Knee Replacement" macro type "/Tot..."
  3. As you begin typing it out the macro name will appear below where you're typing
  4. Hit “enter” on your keyboard or click on the macro name in the drop-down to insert the text

  5. Consult Image